Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I'm having a terrible time at the moment.
My boyfriend knows i purge, and i promised him i would stop, i knew i shouldnt have made that promise, i broke it with in the first day, i am such an idiot. Im suprised hes not angry at me, i told him i cant keep to that promise again, but i will try.
So i am back to restricting, its going horrible cus when i go over what i should have i need to purge, but i think about my boyfriend and i know i shouldnt. Im going to start the five bite diet tomorrow, hopefully i will do that untill christmas :)
Wish me luck.

Friday, 3 December 2010


This has nothing to do with my ED or anything, i just wanted to tell it, becasue it made me laugh so much...
I went to the toilet at school and i normally put the hand dryer on so people can't hear me pee, but i didnt think there was anyone in there so i just wwent to the loo, however i sat on the loo and i heard somone sniff, so i decided to wait untill they flushed the loo so i could go while it was flushing....they flushed and i said to myself (thinking i had said it quietly) GO GO GO, QUICK QUICK QUICK, however i had said it louder than inentional, and it made me laugh quite a lot to myself, so when i came out the loo, this year seven was washing her hands and just looked at me weird, it was so funny.

Weigh in....

Okay, so in the past two days ive eaten 400 calories, and i decided to weigh myself today, and ive lost a pound, i know its not much but its better, i am now 124 lbs with a bmi of 17.8,im getting there :)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Still a failure.....

Okay, so im still a failure and ive still only burnt 260 calories, i really cant burn anymore tonight, ive weighed myself and my bmi is still only 17.9, but at least i've not put on any weight, hopefuly tomorrow i can last a whole day without being such a worthless idiot.

I'm such a failure...

So i thought this was going to be the first day of my fast today, aaparently not, i was doing so well, i hadnt eaten anything all day, then i came home, and we were having a big birthday meal for my mothers bithday, i dont even want to think about how much i ate, i worked it out roughly and it was about 900 calories i tried to purge as much as i could but its hurting so much just recently, i have decided to try and burn off 1000 before i go to bed, so ive got 2 hours left to do this, hopefully i can, so far i have burnt 260, another 740 to go, im such a waste of space.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Had such a shit day, my mother made me eat loads today, i purged, but i still feel fat as hell, going to start a fast tomorrow for as long as i can, hopefully it will go well.